Friday, August 20, 2010

Fit Budgeting & Savings Tips for a Fit Life

Why an article about budgeting and saving tips in a blog about living an active and healthy lifestyle? As a mother, a small business owner and fitness advocate, I think healthy living and being active encompasses both striving for physical fitness, and emotional fitness.

I believe personal finance is wrapped-up in emotion. We make countless money spending and saving choices each day. The consequences of those choices (wise or folly) affects our emotional well-being, in turn impacting our physical well-being. When it comes to household finances, the "elephant in the room" for many families, or the cause of bickering and even all out warfare in others, can be a source of stress and even anguish which is no good. Whether your a saver, spender or somewhere in between, I think it's always good to be open and honest about finances with your partner and to evaluate and reevaluate your household finances at the minimum once a year. Working out household finance issues, having a good understanding and control of our finances as well as being able to prioritize spending helps to create less emotional stress- opening up new ways of living and empowering us to happier, active living. Since we're in yet another recession (some of us are pretty familiar with recessions at this point, remember when the bubble burst in 2000), I thought it was apropos to discuss fit budgeting and savings tips for a fit life. Specifically, how to budget and save, and still do what you want- get fit, stay fit and enjoy it (hopefully). I mean we could all use a financial tone-up every now and then.  Moreover, for lots of moms, when money is tight, our own well fare becomes secondary to that of our families. We make sure all the necessities are taken care of as best we can, but tend to let our own health and fitness fall by the wayside. I want to help you make fitness a priority in good and bad times, because when mama is fit, healthy and happy that's good for the whole family! You not only improve your quality and outlook on life, but most likely your new healthy habits (both physical and fiscal) will trickle down to your family.