Friday, October 7, 2011

Wellness Month: Nurture the Whole Self for Optimal Well-Being

The leaves changing colors, apple pie.
Refreshing, crisp air nipping at your cheeks.
Pumpkin picking, hay rides.

Sounds of glee, the pitter patter of little feet,
As princesses, ghouls and superheros scurry up your walk.
Jubilant voices imploring, "Trick or Treat!"

Nothing like Autumn.
This is your time.
Reflect, rejoice, embrace the sublime.

I just love autumn (can't you tell), as much as I love spring! Maybe it's just that I like transitions, change, that feeling of wonder, awe and adventure. Much like spring, I find strength and a sense of vitality in autumn.  Although it's a busy time of year, somehow the abundance of nature's beauty during the autumnal transition  helps remind me to slow down and reflect on where I've been and where I need to go. Or maybe I am a wee bit off my rocker...Really though, thank goodness for the seasons, because the physical changes in the environment are a great trigger for me to re-access my own health, fitness and well-being needs, Just as nature is preparing for the harshness of winter, I find I need to take heed of the needs of my mind and body and make the proper preparations as well. I know it sounds corny, but it's true.

Having fallen off the fitness wagon (and subsequently finding my fitness groove again), I know just how difficult it is to maintain physical activity, good eating habits, and just overall well being, especially in the late fall and winter months. It's a stressful, hectic time of year when all you want to do is hunker down with a cup of hot chocolate, or hot toddy and watch a movie, or read a book. Staying on the healthy and fit wagon is an ongoing process that even for me, a fitness professional, finds hard to keep a hold of. I tend to not heed my own advice and neglect my wellness needs for an innumerable amount of reasons. That is why I take the time during the seasonal transitions to re-access my fitness, health and well-being and plan ahead for those needs. Maybe this is a good time of year for you too, to evaluate your health, fitness and wellness needs.

Another thing I have found as a fitness instructor, is that my main duty is help people achieve their best physical fitness first and foremost. That's what I am trained to do, not necessarily to deal with nutritional, health related, and other wellness needs. I can make referrals, give some basic guidance, put references on this blog, but that's all. It's so important to have a balanced approach to obtaining good health, fitness and wellness for optimal well-being.  Since I only provide one aspect, one perspective to nurturing the whole self, I thought it would be prudent to invite some experts in the health and wellness field to talk about what they do, so that we all can start thinking about nurturing the whole self (mind, body and spirit) this autumn!

Be on the look out for Wellness Month: Meet The Experts entries for some thoughtful guidance and motivational wisdom.  And as always, be active and be happy!

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