Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Muffin Top

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That's right muffin top. I am sure you've heard the term and if not well here's what the oracle told me (the www that is), as follows:
I love the show 30 Rock on NBC. When they did the muffin top episode, I was rolling on the floor with laughter (please note I did not write ROTFL. I am too old for that) Anyway, it was a good laugh and sometimes you need a good laugh, especially when the reality of that muffin top song hits home!
So, check out the link to the clip.

Get a good laugh, because it's funny and o.k. to laugh!

Yes, I am a fitness professional with a muffin top. However, I wasn't always a fitness professional. I only became a fitness instructor (3 years ago) after giving birth to my daughter and rediscovering exercise, which was much needed (Check out the My Story posting to learn more).

So it is that I have come to this blog...drum roll please...I want to lose the muffin top and intend to do so. I will divulge my food eating habits for all to see, because it is in this one aspect of my life that I think I really need improvement- eating healthy and cutting back on the sweets. Oh, the sweets. Nums Nums...And well I could use a little more cardio exercise as well. I am getting tired and beginning to ramble so will provide more information later.

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