Friday, September 26, 2014

Raising Self-Esteem Through Yoga: Rekara Gage, Joy of Fitness Instructor

Rekara in supported bound ankle pose during
her Joy of Fitness restorative yoga class.
Why did you become a yoga instructor? 
I fell in love with the practice. Before doing yoga, I never would have expected that my body could move in the way that it can nor that I was as stressed and wound-up as I was. You’d be surprised by what that awareness can do for self-esteem and overall wellness (spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, etc.). I became a yoga instructor to help people appreciate themselves and realize their potential.

What are the traits you look for in an excellent instructor and how does that influence your teaching style? 
Someone who is helpful, patient, prepared, clear and creative has what it takes to be an excellent yoga teacher. I like to create a safe space for my students; one where they are reminded that we’re all students who are learning and progressing together. My classes are created to challenge students and let them play around; engaging their bodies and minds in ways that aren’t usually seen during the daily grind. 

 Rekara in supported revolved twist during her
Joy of Fitness restorative yoga class.

What motivates you? 
The feeling. My body feels so much better, my mood is so much better when I practice. Fitness in general is a pick-me-up. I can’t go too long without some kind of physical outlet to keep me balanced and centered. Luckily, yoga goes beyond just a physical release. 

What's your favorite yoga pose? 
I can’t say that I have just one favorite pose,

but I can say that I love poses like bridge. There’s so much growth and exploration in this pose because of its variations. With yoga, there’s really no such thing as “mastering” a pose. Students of yoga are always searching for ways to express poses differently such as feeling a pose more deeply or in new ways. This is a pose that you can really do that in.

Rekara in supported child pose during her
Joy of Fitness restorative yoga class.

Inspirational Quote: 

You don’t get better by doing nothing; you don’t get things done unless you give yourself to it, whole-heartedly.

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