Sunday, November 2, 2014

World Dance Fusion: It's More than Dance, It's Family Tradition!

Why did you become a fitness instructor? Becoming a World Dance Fusion fitness instructor was an evolution for me. I was already into dance and fitness as well as a professional educator, so this was a logical next step.

What are the traits you look for in an excellent instructor  Someone who has excellent technique, breaks things down clearly, knows modifications, and makes things fun!

...and how does that influence your teaching style? I come from a background in Physical Therapy, so I approach every class with "do no harm" mindset. I feel my participants become better aware of body mechanics and hence get a healthier workout.

What motivates you to get out there and exercise yourself? I love to walk, and that is my first choice for physical activity, followed by dance. I love the feeling of being awake and renewed that a good workout brings me.

Favorite dance step, why? It is what my favorite teacher, mentor and friend Kukuwa calls moving your "boomsbey". Simple circular rotation of the hips down one direction and back up the other. I love the core workout and the toning benefits. It is just simply pure fun! 

Inspirational Quote: "I have just got to do a better job at getting them to play better." John Harbaugh, coach of the Baltimore Ravens. My philosophy on teaching, if I stay on top of my fitness game, my participants will too.

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